The Exact vivo V20 Phone That Offers These Features


The Vivo V20 is definitely here to stay! Designed with a smooth slim profile and sharp curved edges, this all-touch mobile smartphone sits comfortably in your palm, offering you an elegant, light-weight hold. With a stunning resolution of 1920 x 1080, the gorgeous 6.4-inch HD LCD screen of the Vivo V20 allows you to view your media instantly. With high-speed internet support, the Vivo V20 guarantees an ultimate browsing experience through its amazing EASYTEC Browser and amazing Android application library.

To ensure that the battery of the vivo v20 lasts for a long time, you need to perform some background maintenance every now and then. Performing some simple steps like clearing all the cache, deleting all the temporary files, removing all the stored apps, uninstalling the applications that you do not need and other such minor things will extend the life of the battery. By performing a thorough background maintenance once in a while, it becomes very easy for the battery to retain its charge. In case, if the battery is not capable of sustaining a session of heavy work, you can always carry out a small amount of heavy tasks using your handset just to extend the life of the battery.

On the contrary, if you use your device continuously, it is advisable to use the Google battery life app. This will help you to monitor your handset’s battery life in real time and hence tell you when the battery life is running low. The Livescribe Tribute Titanium extended warranty also comes along with this phone, so it is worthwhile investing in this. This will also help you to take preventive measures and get quick replacement in case of any damage or malfunction of the cellular telephone in future.

There are many other useful features in the vivo V20 besides the above mentioned features, like the night vision, thermometer, flashlight, hi-fi speaker, and so forth. It is quite surprising to know that the vivo V20 also has an inbuilt memory card for storing photographs and videos. As previously mentioned, this phone also has a high resolution camera which allows you to capture clear pictures and videos. If you are looking for a smartphone with a lot of storage capacity, the vivo V20 could be the perfect choice for you. The interface of the phone also allows you to use multiple people accounts and customize the same account. vivo v20

To conclude, the vivo V20 comes with an impressive list of hardware features and accessories including a high resolution camera, Bluetooth headset, torch light, full QWERTY keyboard, backlit keypad, and so on. Although the multimedia features of this handset are quite impressive, it lacks camera flash and low light camera modes. You can get these modes from the software or via add ons. Overall, the battery life of the vivo V20 was not very long and it is one reason why many people gave up the idea of purchasing this handset.

In my opinion, the biggest advantage of the vivo V20 besides its stunning looks and high quality video recording is that it has a built in GPS which enables you to track your nearest location. The GPS feature is also available in the Samsung Galaxy S4 which is an advantage for travellers. The iControl allows you to control your device through the touch of your fingers. In this case, the vivo V20 beats the competition in terms of its unique dual screen user interface and impressive features.